Idræt til alle

We just got confirmed our Åben Hal activity for the next 2 years, starting 24th September :-).
Coming weekend is the last one this season, so come with your friends to say good-bye :-)
There are no more any limits for social meetings, so why not to make a social event during Åben Hal weekend?
Because of school holidays will be next Åben Hal weekend next weekend 26th-27th February.
February 5-6 we continue with AH and for the first time without any covid restrictions. We look forward to seeing you, the last opportunity to buy a family card (max 4 people) by April for 400 kr. cash or 450 kr. with MP (5 AH weekends or 10 AH days).
We look forward to our guests this upcoming weekend, still able to buy a family card until April for 500 cash or 550 mobilpay
Østerbrohuset kiosk will be closed coming weekend, so our guests can bring their own food and drinks, when visiting Åben Hal.
Copenhagen Municipality Rules - Facemasks and Corona Passes
There is a requirement for a sanitary facemask indoors for persons aged 12 and older, the requirement does not apply to activities or to seated persons. 
Corona passes are required. Persons aged 14 and under are completely exempt from corona pass requirements.

We just got a confirmation, that we can continue with Åben Hal coming weekend :-). New prices - 500 kr. for family with cash or 550 kr. with Mobilepay., 200 kr. for single member.



Come before Christmas to enjoy the last weekend of this year with Åben Hal :-)


Bad weather outside, great fun inside. We offer this to all sports families with our Åben Hal activity in Østerbrohuset, Århusgade 103 coming weekend, from 10 am to 8 pm

Next weekend 4th and 5th December will continue Åben Hal, with price reduction for season cards - 250 kr. for single person, and 650 kr. for families (paid cash, otherwise 700 kr. with mobilpay)

After a successful weekend we continue the next weekend. We look forward to seeing you again - it is open all day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., so you can take advantage of hours when there is less traffic


We look forward to your visit, please respect all hygienic measures regarding covid so that we can continue our activity. 

We have not received any new information about the operation of the cafe, it is possible that it will be open for several hours, but we recommend to bring your own snacks and drinks.


Next weekend with Åben Hal is 13th and 14th November.


We did not receive any new information about the operation of the cafe, the website states that they are closed on weekends. So you'd better take your own drink and food with you.

It's raining heavily outside, but we are preparing Åben Hal for you for the coming weekend. If you have a family visiting, take them with you.

Dear guests, after Åben Hal weekend 23-24 October, all 4 weekends in November and December according to our calendar were confirmed right now. Party enthusiasts can first send us an email to confirm a vacancy in the hall (ie so that there are no more large groups at the same time), and then they may be able to rent a room via - We have no new information from the current tenant of the cafe, their website states that they are closed on weekends.
November 13-14 + November 20-21
4-5 December + 11-12 December


Next Åben Hal will be 23rd and 24th October. As the website of buildings Café Incita informs, that they are closed during weekends, please bring your own drinks.



Already this Saturday Åben Hal continues for our guests. We hope to be able to launch a brand new lykkehjullet over the weekend. It is not known if and for how long the café will be open, so you should bring your own drinks


We are glad that the first weekend with ÅH came many new guests who used ÅH for the first time. We continue immediately this weekend (then there is a break until October 23). If you are considering buying a family season card, you can first buy one-day tickets, try the project, and then bring a one-day ticket next weekend when buying a season card and deduct it from the card price.


Offer for the most eager guests - the first 3 families can buy a seasonal membership card for only 700 kr. when paying in cash.


Information on group orders, including room rental, or refreshments. Until the new season, there will be a new tenant of the café in the Østerbrohuset, and the original agreement with the building manager regarding the rental of the room will probably not apply. It is therefore necessary to contact the booking system directly regarding the room, and the café regarding the food.


We just received the confirmation, that the next season shall we get 14 weekends for our Åben Hal, starting weekend 25th September :-)


Please note that the terrace on the 1st floor is used by other guests, so our visitors only have to use the ground floor



Single entry - 40 kr.

Single sæson membership - 300 kr.

Family membership - 750 kr. cash or 800 kr. Mobilepay (max. 4 persons, parents can switch)

Group orders - 40 kr./person, possible the room rent via

The new café in Østerbrohuset - Café Incita - contact via telefon 2597 2429 or mail

Guests must comply with hygiene regulations, in the hall, toilets and changing rooms. We recommend that you bring your own ping-pong bats, badminton rackets, or floorball sticks, and thus reduce the joint use of these things.

We recommend cashless payments with Mobilpay, those interested in a membership card can send their details (name, date of birth and address) by email to, and their card will be ready upon arrival.

Fest in the hall is ordered by email for a certain time. Guests can sit for free at the tables in the lobby, or order a lounge by the commune.



We hope to welcome the first guests of the upcoming season on Sunday 27 September. The current situation with coronavir means some strict rules that guests must follow in order to continue our Åben Hal project. Only an approved number of people are allowed in the gym.


A really fantastic Åben Hal weekend with many guests, and many of them for the first time. We were pleased that, according to our recommendation, a lot of visitors arrived later in the afternoon, when there is more space in the hall until 8 pm.


First weekend in 2020 is 11th and 12th January. Family card for the second half of season is 500 kr.

Merry Christmas to all our guests and we look forward to seeing you on the second weekend in January 2020


Last weekend in 2019

7th and 8th December is the last weekend in 2019. Family card price is reduced to 600 kr., and if you bring your quitance from last weekend, we shall also deduct it from your price :-)
1) Next weekend we are open on Saturday and Sunday, on Saturday until 8 pm, so for those who want more space for themselves, we recommend arriving in the afternoon after 3 pm.
2) Although we regularly buy new equipment (last weekend eg top floorball sticks), rackets for table tennis, badminton rackets and balls, we recommend those interested in quality play to bring their own equipment for badminton.
3) If you bought a one-day ticket last Sunday, you can buy a seasonal family card next weekend and hand it in and deduct it from the card price.
4) Questions about why the cafe opened too late must be directed directly to the owner of the cafe, BK Skjold has nothing to do with the operation of the cafe.



Next Åben Hal on Sunday 24th November only

but until 8.00 p.m.


Next Åben Hal weekend 9th-10th November

Reduced membership season prices :-)


Even schools are closed, Åben hal is ready for your visit coming weekend 19th and 20th October.

Remember that we are open on Saturdays from 10am to 8pm, on Sundays until 7pm. So it is a good idea to come later in the afternoon and have a hall almost for yourself.

Do not forget that the next Åben Hal is on weekends 12th-13th and 19th-20th October. Maybe friends and relatives will come to visit, so why not take them to Åben Hal?


Sport, play and fun activities for families

           at Østerbrohuset in Århusgade 103, 


Saturdays 10.00-20.00, Sundays 10.00-19.00

Approx. twice monthly September – April


Åben Hal is a great chance for families living around to improve their sport skills during the winter season. The hall is open 9-10 hours approx. every second weekend and with 1000 m2 on offer at Østerbrohuset there is plenty to choose from: A 15m long inflatable gymnastics track (similar to a bouncy castle), a dedicated foam mattress section suitable for younger children, badminton, indoor football, table tennis, floorball,  basketball, and many more.

Price 40,- kr./person one-day ticket

Member card for the remaining season 200,- kr.

Family card for the remaining season 600,- kr. (max. 4 persons)

Birthday parties can be reserved for bigger groups of children for 40,- kr./person. Children under 8 years with parents only. Children under 2 years free. Cash payment or MobilPay at the hall entrance. For more information, call Pavel at mobile 286 333 78 or email:








Our season starts 21st September at 10.00 and all our dates are under *Kalender* in menu.


One-day ticket costs 40 kr., season member card 300 kr., family season card 800 kr. (max. 4 person, where parents can take turns). 


Payment only cash or mobile pay.


Groups or parties oveer 10 persons should book in advance through email, and pay 200 kr. deposit to our account nr. 5501-0104180884, remaining amount is due to pay to our instructor at gym, when you come and have exact guest number.


It is possible to rent the room from Københavns kommune at Østebrohuset for 500 kr., but it is not allowed anymore to bring own food or drinks, but to order it from the café.